Participating Tyers for The 6th Huron River Fly Tiers' Symposium
1 Alex Hayes Salmon Flies
2 Kevin Foerster Trout flies for the Au Sable river
3 Tim Tobias Bass and bluegill files
3 Rusty Kalmbach Trout, bass and saltwater flies
4 Jim Reed Deer hair bass bugs
5 Dirk Fischbach Bass flies for the Huron River
5 Craig Kivi Bass and Bluegill flies for the Huron River chain of lakes
6 Mike Schmidt Wet flies and streamers
7 Jeff Andrews Trout and steelhead flies
8 Dave Hellman Small flies - size 18 and smaller
8 Jeff Schaeffer Great lakes flies
9 Kevin Feenstra Steelhead flies
10 Kelly Lewis Fly kits for bass and bluegill
11 Jerry Regan Classic Au Sable river flies
12 Ron Dilbone Bass and Bluegill flies using foam.
13 Jeff McGowan Trout dry flies
14 Charles Chlysta Bass streamers
15 John Johnson Deer hair frog,Hex/Brown Drake Nymph,
Zonkers,Foam Claw Crayfish
16 Tim Thomas Deer hair bass bugs
17 Brian Meszaros Flies for Lake St. Clair
18 Jim Telinda Micro midge patterns.
19 David Humphries Custom fly boxes
20 Aaron Wiley Bass and steelhead flies
21 Greg Senyo Steelhead flies
22 Eirik Visto Bass and steelhead flies
22 Mike Shultz Flies for the lower Huron River
23B Mike Zalewski Custom fly rods
23 Derek LeRoy Fly tying materials
24 Cameron LeRoy Flies for bass and pike
25 Terry Herron BWO Spinner,BWO Emerger, Foam Hopper and the Sparrow
26 Beginners Table  
27 Glen Blackwood Fly tying and fly fishing books
28 Tom Torrice Bass and bluegill flies
29 Steve Deeg Bass and bluegill flies
30 Bruce Derrington Streamers
31 John McLain Salmon flies
32 Marc Miller Steelhead egg flies
33 Michael Mulvahill Streamers for bass and bluegill
34 Reggie Alexander Deer hair bass bugs
35 Todd Schotts Bass flies for Eagle Bay
36 Gerry Worden Salmon flies and streamers
37 Dennis Potter Trout flies
46 Admissions Table  
47 Silent Auction Tables