river conditions

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river conditions

Postby joefishing » Sun Jul 06, 2008 10:35 am

A topic of river conditions would be nice. Something that could say what area of the river it is, what the water level is like and considering the silt after Dexter Mill a comment about the water. Or even something like how hazardous or safe it is at certain spots. This would be really nice especially for newer people to the sport to get in the river and feel comfortable about their safety. I'm trying to learn what places are safe to go and which are not but I do not know the river well enough at this time and it really is a bummer when you go out and want to try some new spot only to find out is too deep or unwadable.
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Re: river conditions

Postby Bob » Sun Jul 06, 2008 11:25 am

If others are interested in a separate forum to specifically note river conditions, I would be glad to add that.

Also, there IS a flood warning for the River in the Hamburg area, expected to crest a little above flood level sometime tomorrow.

I would expect the river to continue to be high and fast for a few days yet.

Of course the high water could be a result of the displacement of tons of water by the 4 million pontoon boats on the chain of lakes yesterday, probably the most activity I've seen in years. Between the middle of Baseline lake and the damn at Portage I passed no less than 5 law enforcement boats. (this was all due to the fireworks on Portage last night, it was a wonderful effort to burn down some of the homes on the lake, but it seems to have failed, they are all standing this morning. :? )
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Re: river conditions

Postby btyak » Thu Jul 17, 2008 3:11 pm

I was all set to give my 2 cents worth on "River Conditions" then it occurred to me that you most likely wanted this information from a fisherman's point of view where you would be walking in the water.... Although I can give you a fair accounting of the River from Proud Lake to Delhi, I usually don't fish the river any more. When I'm on the river, its usually in a kayak and taking pictures.
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